New Works

I have been on a long hiatus since I made the last artwork, I feel so alive doing this kind of design, so bad my every day job is not about doing stuff like this.

The band is my husband’s and friend Vlad band, their songs are about the afterlife, death and reincarnation, the request was to do something that would talk about all the lyrics.


What is in my purse

I had my purse overflowing for the last days, and decided that I was going to take what  I don’t need, very interesting all the stuff that I keep throwing on it.

Yes I had a tuna pouch and flower seeds.


Old Photos


These are the best photos I did during my college years (2003-2007), I don’t consider them as part of my portfolio due to the amateur nature of them, however they have been part of my evolution since I had a camera, and all are photos that were processed from a film, I didn’t have a digital camera until 2010.

old photos2

Why I don’t do logos

As a designer I have been working with different types of graphic materials, when I get “logo” requests I really dread it, I think is  because I have had my heart broken so many times; a client once, wanted a replica of another company logo, I tried really hard to explain about the copyright issues and this client decided then, to mix it with different logos, at the end we ended with an ugly logo.
I wanted to start doing band logos and I got a request for a band, of course everyone wants free stuff, and I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to work on hand made fonts, I applied all my designing skills, it took me 9 straight hours to hand made 2 different options, I was really proud of my work, I sent a proof to the client, and I didn’t get any feedback, I saw 2 weeks later the band decided to download a bloody font from one of those free websites.

I decided 2 important things: NEVER design for free, NEVER work with friends, and avoid logo designs at any cost. If I do design logos it would be only for my personal projects, I know I just couldn’t take it anymore. I admire everyone that designs logos, the patience and the creativity for creating amazing works.

I display here my favorite logos for great clients that were very open in the creative process.


Camera collection.


This is what I have found so far in 7 years since I live in Kansas, I always had a passion for photography, I would say since I was eleven I got my first camera, I have been in photography clubs at high school, and College, I found my self dedicated to graphic design for so long, to be honest I never thought I would live in USA. I always thought I would be living in México City and a design career would grant me a job in a Ad Agency, but little I knew my life was not going to be what I envisioned, so far being a graphic designer in the middle of Kansas has been difficult, I am blessed to have a stable job in the Army, but there are no more graphic design jobs anywhere close here, less for a photographer.